Biblical Bits for Book Writing

  Bite-size Bible Applications for Book Writing  

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Biblical Bits for Book Writing

Why The Word is important for writing your book


As with all of life, the Bible has a lot to say about:
– why to write your book
–  how to write your book
–  when to write your book and
–  to whom to write your book.

After all, the Bible has been the best-selling book since it first came off the Gutenburg Press in 1455 AD and was available for sale around 1500 AD.  The Bible has all the information you need to help get the Word out.

You will find a variety of Biblical Bits for Book Writing that may assist you in writing your best work, for the right reasons, in the right seasons, for the right people. 

I look forward to reading YOUR book. 


Writefully yours,


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