The #1 motivator as a Christian author and the reason to write your book is to make Him known. Getting started is the hardest part for most people.

We can learn where to start from the greatest Teacher – Jesus. Although He didn’t specifically write anything, His teaching methods can be determined from His teachings. How Jesus taught his disciples and His followers is the most effective way to write. Knowing this information before you start writing can save you time and effort and it also helps you form your book.

Aaron Earls shares some good insights on how Jesus taught. He:
* told stories.
* used shock tactics.
* created memorable quotes or sayings
* asked questions
* used physical experiences to demonstrate a message (washing of feet) and
* used repetition.
Read more here.

The above points are great ‘getting started’ ideas.
1. What stories can you share about how God made a difference in your life? Family? Work? Relationships?
2. Has something shocking happened to you? Something that is out of the ordinary? Something someone else would find shocking? (I will share my own shocking story soon)
3. Has something memorable happened to you? A memory that comforts you? Perhaps the story of how that memory was created will be of comfort to someone else.
4. Are there questions you’d like answers to? The best way to learn something is to teach it and it is very likely other people are asking the same question. Use your research to write your book.

When you’ve decided which of the above topics you want to, or are led to, write about (this may take you a minute, a day, or a week – but it will come), find a pen you love (it really does make a difference), something to write on (I love the purple lined paper pads and my journal) and write your idea down. Write down why you want to write about this and how you believe it may impact others.

A couple questions to ask yourself before you start writing your book:
1. Am I willing to be vulnerable?
2. Am I willing to leave the impact of my book in His hands?

Step two after ‘getting started’ is ‘setting up’. You can find it here.

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