“Build it and they will come” does not work anymore.

However, market and they will come, does.

This is our definition of marketing:

M – Meaningful messages. Make sure what you are sharing is meaningful and has some ‘meat’.

A – Attractive. ‘Bees are attracted to honey, not vinegar’. The same applies to your messages/marketing. Be sweet. Be short. Be gone. People don’t want to listen to long drawn out marketing messages. Get to the point and make it easy to read/listen to.

R – Respectful. Don’t dumb it down. Share the good stuff. Speak to everyone – those seeking help and those who want to help others by sharing your knowledge.

K – Knowledge. Be generous with your knowledge – even if it means they will do it themselves or go somewhere else. They will always know where ‘they heard it first’.

E – Exciting. Be different. Be passionate. Show, through your words, that you love what you do.

T – Timely. Know your audience – what they are going through, what they need to overcome their challenges. Be relevant.

I – Interesting. Find new ways to say the same thing. As they say, ‘facts tell, stories sell’. Tell lots of stories. People connect with other people, not with facts and stats.

N – Natural. Speak naturally. Forget long run-on sentences. Write as though you are speaking to a grade five child. Clear. Concise. Clear is kind.

G – Good enough to share! Be ‘sharable’! Add pictures, quotes, interesting facts – anything to encourage people to want to share with their network.

Marketing is not a ‘one-time’ event. Marketing is everything and everything is marketing. Remember that as you write, post, share, and comment. As an author, everything you do will reflect on your ability to connect with others and display your ability to understand your client’s needs, wants, and desires and how you can meet them.

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