SEO, or search engine optimization, is simply maximizing your visibility on search engines like Google so people can find you when they search for a topic. SEO is not difficult if you incorporate it as you go – as you build your site, write your blogs and build your audience for your new book. That’s why I chose to put this part of the process to write your book before you begin writing. Get it right the first time and you’ll only have to write it once….and have it working for you while you write your next blog. Remember…every blog is a component of a chapter in your book. And each blog is a chapter in a smaller version of your book – your ebook. Ok, let’s get started.

Think of the web like a library and your blog post or page (not your entire site) is one of the millions of books available on a particular topic. Google is like a librarian. She finds and delivers the best books (your blog post or page) she can find to answer your question. This is key #1 to incorporate SEO as you go: pick one topic for each blog post or page. It is better to break up your blog posts if you are covering several related topics rather than place them all into one blog post or page. Google likes KISS, too: keep information single and specific. Give your blog posts a K.I.S.S. and Google will love you.

You’ve heard the idea that the computer or internet is like a brain, I’m sure. They both actually operate in a similar way. When your brain receives new information by way of your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch, emotions, or experiences, it categorizes all the information into little files until you need them AND it also combines some of those same pieces of information to create new information. Google operates in a similar way. As millions of pieces of information enter the WWW every day, Google categorizes them and looks for ways they ‘link’ together. The more connections, the better for Google. These links can be external (you provide a link to an external site in your blog post or page or vice versa) or internal (you provide a link to another piece of your information within your own site). Key #2 to incorporate SEO as you go; use both types of links in your blog posts and pages. One of the best ways to attract another website to link to yours is to offer excellent information and great free stuff…like your ebook you are about to create.

I don’t know about you but when I was dating, my dad would embarrass the heck out of me by asking my date what his intentions were. Few of them had an answer. My dad walked them out the door. Google protects their users in a similar way. Google wants to know what YOUR intention is as a suitor to their users. You are trying to entice users to read your information and Google wants to know why. Here are the answers you want to give Google:

  1. Be clear about your intention. Do you want to talk about ‘the birds’ or ‘the bees’ because it can’t be both. Again, be specific in what your content is communicating.
  2. Are you going to be sharing a to-do list, a how-to tutorial, a comparison or just your opinion? Hint – the better information you give, the more Google likes it. Opinion pieces are not as valuable as actual instructions.
  3. Keep your theme consistent as well as your USP – your unique selling points or propositions. If your site is about biking riding don’t start writing about baking bread unless it is while you are riding a bike.

In summary to incorporate SEO as you go by:

1 Keeping your information single and specific.

2. Use external and internal links.

3. Make your intentions clear.

Now onto the next step…

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