That about sums it up.  There really isn’t much more to add to that.

Unless you are a recognized author you won’t have publishers knocking at your door or most likely even willing to look at your manuscript.  They may, however, be willing to take a peek after you’ve published a book with rave reviews and has ranked a best seller.  The best place to start is with managed self-publishing.

What exactly is ‘managed self-publishing’, you ask?

Well, self-publishing is publishing you do entirely by yourself.  You may choose to act as a general contractor – similar to one who builds a house.  You can contract out the editing, creating an ebook, etc. and maybe save a few dollars – assuming it is done correctly, it all flows and it looks professional.  I’ve not met many self-publishers who have saved money by doing everything themselves or piece-mealing their project.

Your better option, especially for your first book or couple of books, is to find someone who can manage your publishing – let them take care of the editing, ebook, publishing, distribution and marketing for you, and with you.  You will learn how to do it yourself as you work with them and may feel confident to do it yourself, or more of the project yourself, after you’ve worked with someone who knows what they are doing, the faster way to do it, and pull it all together so it looks polished and professional.

‘How much will it cost me’, you ask?  Good question.

This depends on a couple different factors:

1.  How big the company is.  Larger companies tend to charge more as they have higher overhead.

2.  What exactly you want done and how big the project is.  Proof-reading?  Editing?  Ebook?  Hard copy books?  Website?  Marketing?  Published in various locations?

3.  And the biggest factor, in my opinion – do you want to learn along the way (be mentored) or just have it done for you?  If you plan to take on more of your future projects yourself, you’ll want to work with someone who is willing to mentor you along the way.  Most bigger companies cannot do this.

My recommendation is you find a small, or one-man/woman, company to manage your first or first couple self-publishing projects.  You won’t regret it and you’ll save time and money.


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