‘…the trustworthy and wise messenger releases healing wherever they go.’
Proverbs 13:17 (The Passion Translation)

Did you know – you don’t even have to be present to bring healing wherever you go? As a Christian author or writer, you are in the perfect position to bring healing wherever your words go. You are a messenger of healing.

The word that was translated ‘brings healing’ is the Hebrew word tsiyr. It has a couple different meanings:

  • an envoy or messenger
  • the pivot of a door or hinge
  • a pang or pain of distress or sorrow – physical or mental – often used in relation to a woman in childbirth.

Our job as messengers is to show our readers the door (solution), and how to open it, to help them in their pain, distress or sorrow. Wow. Just wow.

If we are going to do this effectively, it requires humility and vulnerability. The most powerful story is a true story – your story. As you are writing your blog posts (which will become your ebooks and the skeleton of the chapters of your book), really take time to prayerfully discern how to best bring healing to your readers with the message you are bringing.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say your children fell off a bike as they were riding quickly down a gravel road. And, let’s say their older sibling was the one driving the bike when it happened (the younger sibling was sitting on the handlebars). You are watching this all take place as you look out your living room window AND you told your child NOT to drive her bike with someone on the handlebars for fear of something exactly like this happening.

How will you react, as the parent? You will most likely be angry at your older child but as you look out the window and see both of them on the ground, dirty, bloody and crying, you don’t run out the door screaming, ‘I told you not to do that’. Instead, you run out the door praying nothing is broken and feel compassion for both your children – the guilty and the innocent. Both are hurt. One needs to be forgiven and the other needs to forgive. As a good parent, you comfort both of your children and ensure both recover from the accident, physically and emotionally.

We have a similar responsibility with our writing. Our words will very likely reach the quilty and the innocent. Both are hurting. Both need to feel forgiven or give forgiveness – and both of those can be very hard to do. Our job is to bring healing to either or both.

With this principle in mind, as you write your blog post, prayerfully ask the Lord how your writing can bring healing to both the guilty and the innocent. This will require you to put down any judgment toward the guilty and to possibly pick up some tough love for the innocent. Why tough love? Because the only way out of feeling like a victim is to forgive and move forward instead of wallowing in self-pity. Perhaps being judgment is more of an issue. As a messenger of hope, we can not pick and choose to whom we bring healing.

By the way…the older sibling in the story was me and the younger sibling was my sister, Sue. We both recovered and she forgave me but she does have a scar above her eye as a reminder and she never lets me forget…in a loving way, of course.

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