God’s definition of your work is your service to others which is your worship to God.  

Regardless of what you do for a living, if for money, or not, your work is your worship according to God.  You can be a mom at home raising her children, a CEO running a multi-million dollar organization, a janitor cleaning bathrooms, or a tradesperson on the oil-field – your work is your service to others using your God-given gifts, which is also your worship and thanks to God for giving you those gifts and the opportunity to serve His children.  

Work is a gift. 


  1. You get an opportunity to use and maximize your gifts and talents to help make the world a better place for you, your children and your grandchildren.
  2. You have a sense of purpose in serving others.
  3. You exchange your energies for money – the fuel to live on this planet.
  4. Try being without work for a while and you’ll soon realize work is a gift.
  5. You have an opportunity to be the light in the marketplace and be/share the love of Jesus with the world.  It is difficult to do this in your house, alone.

‘Occupy until I come…’
Luke 19:13

Jesus told the parable about the 10 servants who each received 10 talents when their master left.  He told them to ‘occupy until I come back’.  The word ‘occupy’ (pragmateuomai) in Greek means ‘to carry on a business’.

Mĕla’kah is the Hebrew word for ‘business or service – public, political or religious’.  There was no separation of the secular from the spiritual.  It is used 29 times in the Old Testament in reference to priests, kings, and ordinary people with no differentiation.

How to Do Your Best Work


In Romans 12:11 Paul encourages us ‘not to be slothful in our business, but fervent in spirit serving the Lord‘.  The energy we put into our business/work, is to be fervent, by the Spirit, and in service to the Lord.  How much more spiritual can our work be than this?

Our work is the way we serve, or help, others.  God has a promise for us when we do that.

Love God.  Love Others.  Enjoy the fruit of your labours.  

Your Work is Your Service to Others and Your Worship to God!

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