Branding Basics

YOU are your brand.  Be REAL.  Be VULNERABLE.  SERVE. 


What You Need to Do…We Can Help. 

1. Website

Your first step to personal branding is building your website.  If you want anyone outside your own personal circle of influence, you need a website that portrays your personality, purpose, and passion.  

2. Write

You have to write or pay someone to write for you.  This is the information age.  People do their own research and they want to know you know what you are talking about.  They want quality information for free.  

3. Work

The original meaning of work is service and worship.  How do you serve others?  How do you ‘give back’ using your personality, talents, experience, education, and passion?  This is your work.  Do it well.  Do it with gusto!


Professional Personal Branding Services & Consulting

YOU are who people want.  They want to hear about your experiences – how you overcame hurdles, challenges, and blockages that led you to success.  

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Everything is marketing.  Everything you do creates  your brand.  We make the magic that pulls it all together into one cohesive message that serves your tribe, builds community, and makes you more money. 

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Five Spheres. One Mission.


Everything you do should serve your client.  Give them the best of you and they will reciprocate.  Remember this acronym as you build your brand.  It will serve you, and your clients, well.

Satisfy a Need:

What needs are you trying to satisfy?


People want to know – they want answers.


Build relationships.  Engage.


Vulnerability is power.  Humility is strength.  Your story = your glory.


Stimulate emotions.  stir the heart.  create passion.  give purpose.


What People Are Saying

I have known Angela for 4 years and have admired her work ethic. She has inspired and encouraged me to write a book so that I am now an up and coming author!  She is very approachable, caring, and understanding. She offers concise and eloquent advice on how to determine what is negotiable and not negotiable in how you spend every waking moment of your day. She has given me tools to help me structure that very precious commodity…time – that we never seem to have enough of, to help me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Angela as a writing coach. As it says in her email signature tag line “To Your Success” – and she means it.

Margo L.

Author & Funeral Celebrant

Angela has gone above and beyond in her work for me. All of the work is done in a timely and professional manner. It has been a pleasure to have Angela creating alongside me as I grow my brand.

Daniel O'Neill

Author, Speaker, Triathlete Coach

Angela demonstrates a keen sense of the real needs of people, and through her professional experience and expertise strives to help you have successful outcomes in your pursuits. I respect Angela’s readiness and determination to make an immediate positive impact in the lives of others. I have the privilege of working with Angela and I am grateful for her enthusiasm for life and coaches corner advice.”

Janice Sarich

Former MLA, Author, Speaker

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